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Quit Dieting for Good

Jul 3, 2019

In today's episode, I talk with Emma Wright, who is a family body confidence consultant based in New Zealand.

Emma shares with us her own story of growing up in a diet household and the negative effects it had on her. Later, becoming a mom herself, she saw that she was parenting in the same way, and realized she could not continue this cycle all over again, so she learned how to make a positive impact in a thin ideal world.

Emma give us practical tools that we can start doing today to help our children - specifically with the language we use to talk about bodies and food. These tools are super simple, but go against the norms we have in our head, so we have to do some reprogramming in our brains.

If we want to get rid of diet culture and all that comes with it, a great way to start is with our children. But Emma also reminds us that actions speak louder than words, and parents have to do be open to working on the way they treat their own body and their personal relationship with food so kids can follow their example.

Emma is currently writing a book, giving ten principles to raise body confident children, and you can pre-order her book through her Kickstarter Campaign that's going on this month!

Whether you are a parent, or simply have kids in your life, you will definitely want to learn from Emma on how you can best help your children learn to love their bodies and trust their food choices.

Learn more about Emma here:
Instagram: @emmawrightbodyblossom
Kickstarter Book Campaign:

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